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Integrated dashboard for farm productivity analysis

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What is the Business Intelligence app for?

The Business Intelligence App integrates all the data in your Farm4Trade Suite apps that you are using for your daily activities in one place. The more you use the Farm4Trade Suite, the more you can get from BI.

Business Intelligence App helps you analyze and visualize livestock data, with BI you will be able to and analyze trends, and improve economic performance or for an overview of current situations a selected period.

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Visualize data from all the Suite apps

The Business Intelligence App allows you to monitor all of your most important data at a glance.
Access the dashboard and keep an eye on the animals’ statistics, production trends, medical treatments and vaccination costs of your organization.

Data analysis automation

No need to manually update the Business Intelligence app: the data is gathered automatically from the Suite. You can filter the view and see more into detail a specific organization, a species, a group of animals or a precise animal status.

Make data-based decisions

The Business Intelligence App provides you with important information that helps you understand which aspects of your farm need improvement and what you are doing great.

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Currently Supported

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Productivity purposes


Current Release

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