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What is the Feed Formulation app for?

This app auto-generates feed formulations based on selected animal parameters.

The databases of the livestock feed ingredients are verified by animal nutritionists.

With the Feed Formula App farmers, feed producers and animal nutritionists can independently create custom nutritional rations more quickly and more easily at the best price point, thanks to the app algorithm.

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Auto-generate livestock feed rations

Create and manage rations based on desired parameters and ingredients, to generate ration proposals for best value, most nutrient and lowest cost. Save your ration for future reference.

Rich Verified libraries for Ingredients, Rations and Nutritional Requirements

Lookup each ingredient’s extensive information such as nutritional values and maximum recommended usage
proportions. Reference the Animal Nutritional Requirement Database by chosen parameters (Only battle for now).

An Exclusive Milled Bush Database

The collection of Milled Namibian bush feed, developed by Animal nutritionist at UNAM and MAWLR, is an invaluable reference resource to curb local bush encroachment and feed animals safe bush feed rations.  Each Verified milled bush ingredient card includes bush specific info such as seasonality and plant and feed properties.

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