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Livestock management and record keeping

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Farm staff in barn recording cow data with the Farm Management app.

What is the Farm Management app for?

The Farm4Trade Farm Management App is a record keeping tool that helps you to keep track of livestock management activities on the farm. All essential aspects are covered: from health, reproduction, and productivity tracking. The app ensures each animal has it’s unique granular data, and can keeps track of even genealogy, reproductive status, medical treatments, vaccines, and productive situation.

You can even assign scheduled task to staff with the pro plan.

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Get started fast with batch import

Speed up the data entry process by using our spreadsheet templates, and simply import herds or animal groups data into the web app in a few clicks.

Simple animal record keeping

Discover intuitive and friendly data entry forms to keep track of animal feeding, reproduction, health, productivity and plan activities for each individual.

Plan & monitor health activities

Record and schedule veterinary activities like vaccines and medical treatments. Assign events and schedule tasks to staff members in the calendar feature.

Manage animals individually or in groups

Organize animals into groups, herds or stable and keep track of their movements and changes of status.


Manage any kind of species, from cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, cats and dogs.

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Currently Supported


Cattle, Pigs, Multi-species

User Types

Owner, 5 Staff types

Animal Registration Scope

Reproduction, Health, Productivity

Current Release

Suite Web App, IOS, Android