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Contactless photo and video Animal identification

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What is the Snap Animal app for?

Snap Animal is new frontier of cattle identification, with AI face detection for easy lookup of animal records.

We are developing an Artificial Intelligence biometric animal identification system that will allow you to identify your animals with your smartphone camera and promptly access all the animal information on our phone.

Soon you will effortly have a valid identification system and the data keeping tool at your fingertips!

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Create a visual catalogue of your animals

Take pictures of your animals following the instructions provided inside the app, then archive the collection of media in the cloud  and synch it with the Suite, where you will find your animal photo gallery.

Identify and re-identify any listed animal

Built on our AI PhAID technology, Snap Animal permits cattle identification and re-identification just by taking a picture with a smartphone.

Access animal data from your smartphone

The biometric recognition tool is part of the Farm4Trade Suite and allows farmers to easily access the animals data from their smartphones or tablets, by snapping the cattle they have previously identified and registered.

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Currently Supported

Species / Biometric focus

Cattle / Heads

Current Release

Android – Beta