Is Coronavirus a threat for livestock animals?

Farm4Trade Blog - Is coronavirus a threat for livestock animals?|Farm4Trade Blog - Is coronavirus a threat for livestock animals?

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus has caused sudden panic in the world, as it spreads across the continents like wild fire. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), belongs to a virus family commonly known to contain strains that may result in death among mammals and birds.

You might wonder, are humans and other animal species affected by Coronavirus and how does it spread?

Well, the answer to the question will be answered after a series of cases previously reported all over the world. Hence, today’s concern is a case study on the COVID-19 which rapidly evolves. Coronavirus in humans usually spreads via airborne droplets from an infected individual, usually in close proximity and several other strains have been previous reported.

Animal origin of Coronavirus

Coronavirus was reported in the early 1960’s and derives its name from a unique crown or "corona" of sugar-protein structure. Researchers hypothesize that pangolins are the source of Coronavirus in the recent outbreak, despite it being one of the most scarcely seen animal in many countries. Moreover, dromedary camels are thought to be vital reservoirs of the Coronavirus.

Different Coronavirus families and target animal species

Studies have shown that the Alpha coronavirus and Beta coronavirus families may infect mammals such as bats, pigs and cats. However, the Gamma coronavirus family can infect poultry and lastly the Delta coronavirus is capable of infecting both poultry and many mammalian species.

Current Coronavirus Outbreak facts

Common strains of Coronavirus reported to have significant mortality in humans:

  • Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), resembles severe influenza
  • Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), often mimics fever, cough and shortness of breath

Public perception on Coronavirus

  • Can Coronavirus be transmitted from domestic animals to humans?
  • Can spread through consumption of meat products from these animals?
  • Is Coronavirus deadly?

You can find all the official answers and information provided by the World Health Organization here.

Collective effort from different governments in the world

  • Awareness creation, to prepare a nation in-case of an outbreak. Therefore facilitating aid to affected zones helps fight against the viral disease.
  • Close monitoring of Coronavirus, to suppress it from spreading in communities particularly among the elderly and people with underlying health conditions.
  • More research to be done on several Coronavirus strains that may hinder agricultural production which directly affects economic growth.
  • Minimal consumption of raw food products, i.e. meat, eggs, milk. To date no report on SARs and MERs Corona strains are known to spread via food consumption. However, the public is advised to fully prepare meals, since more research has to be done on whether consumption of meat products does expedite the spread of Coronavirus.

Known Coronavirus symptoms in domesticated animals

  • Diarrhea among pigs and turkeys
  • Respiratory problems

In summary, Coronavirus is thought to have originated from bats and passed to humans, therefore it is vital to create awareness, both in the presence or absence of the viral disease. Coronavirus is a cause of global concern lately.

NOTE: Say no to Stigmatization of affected nations, in particular on social circles such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Twitter, instead we ought to support these nations in every way we can.

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