Poultry Farming: an easy and remunerative choice

Poultry farming is an easy and remunerative way to start your farm. You must have some basic knowledge and be dedicated and passionate


Poultry farming is what comes to mind when you wonder what to breed to make money and build wealth.

The so-called bio hens remain the business that lays “golden eggs“.

Poultry farming allows to do good business with a minimum investment: the initial costs are low and give you time and opportunity to expand the flock to increase earnings over time.

Let’s see what we need to start earning good moneys with poultry farming:
  1. First of all you should choose what breed is better for you. You have to choose between an egg breed and a dual-purpose breed. Most of the farmers choose the dual-purpose because they are a good resource for both eggs and meat. However there are some differences between Western Countries, Africa and Asia in terms of most commonly farmed breeds. (see chart #1)
  2. To start a remunerative farming operation, the minimum requirement is 25 chicks, 50 is however better. One roster should be available every 5 hens. Not all chicks are equal so you must take into account that some of them can die.
  3. A flock of quality chickens should be composed of a closed barnyard with an easy access to it. Inside the poultry house, a heat source must be available for the chicks as well as constant exchange of air (but not current), a litter box clean and disinfected, with water reservoir and a manger. The litter must be composed of a layer of sand and one of straw.

In recent years, especially in industrialized countries, there is a growing interest in agriculture ethics. We talk about “Km0 agriculture” where the focus is on animal health and welfare. A tip for those who are willing to increase or to start this type of farm is to choose a breeding ground to combine an ethical as well as an economic choice.

Chicken Breeds - Egg breed:

Chicken Breeds -Dual-purpose breed:

Chicken Breeds -Meat:

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