Farm4Trade at the Biomass Technology Expo 2019

Farm4Trade has attended the Biomass Technology Expo 2019, Namibia. According to the spirit of the event, Farm4Trade believes that our products and services can develop a better use of rangeland management and improve farm productivity.

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Biomass resource and the importance of exploring new way of using it

As 60% to 70% of Namibians depend on agriculture, biomass is an opportunity to reduce rural poverty, improve rangeland and the productivity of farming communities, as Vetumbuavi Mungunda - Standard Bank chief executive - stated about the event.* In a move to encourage the efficient harvesting and processing of the vast biomass resource and utilize it as an alternative energy source as well as generate income, a Biomass Technology Expo was set to take place on 9 August at Otjiwa Safari Lodge, Namibia.** According to the spirit of the event, Farm4Trade attended the BTE because believe that our products and services can develop a better use of rangeland management and improve farm productivity.

What the BTE is about?

Over 50 technologies focusing on biomass utilization were showcased, more than 1500 visitors, 14 sponsors and 120 exhibitors attended the expo and showed their new technology, initiatives to potential customers. This event housed exhibitors from South Africa, Germany, Austria, Denmark, the UK and the United Stated of America to showcased technologies based on charcoal production & processing, bush-based animal feed production & processing, wood chips and pellet production & processing, biomass energy solutions, packaging & handling solutions, harvesting and transport solutions, surveying and land assessment solutions.

Farm4Trade Namibia were there!

The BTE has been a great opportunity to exchange ideas and acquire customers that are interested in using Farm4Trade Suite Applications. Both commercial and communal farmers showed interest in Farm4Trade farming applications such as Farm Management, Feed formulation and the Snap Animal App. Farm4Trade together with the University of Namibia also got an opportunity to exhibit the bush-based feed we have produced.

The day was a great success and hopefully the biomass expo will become an annual event.

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