Namibia Rangeland Mapping Project

An innovative project to bring benefits to multiple stakeholders of the agricultural and livestock sector

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Farm4Trade’s Namibia Rangeland Mapping R&D project has been selected by Lacuna Fund!!!!

Over the next two years, field data across the country will be collected and they will be georeferenced and matched with satellite imagery in order to generate and deliver a complete and freely accessible dataset for Namibia Rangeland Mapping. 

We are seeking farmers, students and consultants, for the different Namibia regions/areas, that want to collaborate with us on field data collection for this project. 

Farm4Trade in collaboration with the University of Namibia (UNAM) and other local partners will provide free training to prepare and equip the selected candidates to successfully do their jobs. We will also guarantee remuneration and the coverage of management costs to selected candidates.

In addition, the selected applicants, especially farmers, will be able to benefit from the free use of Farm4trade Technologies. In particular, they will be able to use Snap Animal App, a photographic recognition technology for bovine species. 

Interested in becoming a Pilot Partner?

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This work was carried out with support from Lacuna Fund, for more information about the project visit: 

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