Business Intelligence App: unleash the power of livestock data

Business Intelligence App: unleash the power of livestock data – Farm4Trade Blog|Business Intelligence App: unleash the power of livestock data – Farm4Trade Blog|Business Intelligence App: unleash the power of livestock data – Farm4Trade Blog

Livestock data are crucial for evaluating the status, composition and productive trends of your herds and animals.

But oftentimes it is difficult to keep an organized register that allows quick and automated data analysis data as well.

Quick stats are what farmers need to know what’s going on their farms immediately. Let’s see in which cases a data analysis tool can come handy and how our Business Intelligence App works.

The ultimate data keeping and analysis system to have everything sorted out

You can’t count or note down everything, and even if you or your staff do, things can go missing easily.

For example, when counting males and females all you get a simple number, but why not have a clear pie chart?
All you need to do is register your animals in the Farm Management App and then visualize the composition of that group in the Business Intelligence App's dashboard. Of course, you’ll have to invest some time in initial data entry and add all the animals in the management system, but you’ll be repaid later when you’ll no longer have to count them one by one or go through old records that someone else filed.

Better animal management with a data-driven management model

In the app's main dashboard you will find automated charts that keep track of number of animals, broken down by sex, age and status. Further charts display the number of animals that are under medical treatment, a clear indication of animal welfare on the farm and an evidence of good – or not good – husbandry practice.

If you start working by a data-driven methodology, you will see how dividing your herds into homogeneous animal groups, or groups identified by your own criteria, will help you define the next steps and activities of the production process and follow the evolution of specific breeding phases.

For example, you can create a stable or an animal group on the Farm Management App that includes only lactating cows and calves. Soon you will be able to visualize in the dedicated “Reproduction” section how are pregnancies going, the calving success rate and confront the performance on your farm with national, regional o provincial benchmarks. Business Intelligence app is meant to put it all together, and we really need farmers to participate in the data sourcing activity to improve the outputs and insights we can provide them with.

Furthermore, besides the already mentioned reproduction data, the dashboard has charts for daily weight gain, milk production and expenses. These data will help you understand better the effects and results of management choices and represent an asset for other industry stakeholders.

The industry wants livestock data, as well as credit institutions and insurance companies

Imagine you can support your affirmation of having a well-established and solid breeding venture with proven track records and easy to read charts that display the health status of your farm! With the Business Intelligence App this is possible and made available to every farmer in the world.

Some features of the Business Intelligence App will be rolled out in the future as we continue to develop and improve it responding to the farmers’ needs and requests. We warmly invite you to try it and approach these tools just like you approach livestock farming: the more passion, attention and care you put in it, the more you will appreciate the results of your hard work.

Erika G