Introducing Farm4Trade Suite, a complete set of Apps for livestock management

Introducing Farm4Trade Suite, a complete set of apps for livestock management|Introducing Farm4Trade Suite, a complete set of apps for livestock management|Introducing Farm4Trade Suite, a complete set of apps for livestock management

An integrated set of apps is what farmers claim would help them collect and manage data throughout all livestock’s breeding stages, from the first arrival on the farm to the final trip to the abattoir.


Today’s small and medium scale farmers struggle from time to time to have their papers and their records in order and well-kept.

These are the main problems they can incur into:


  • Lack of accessible and affordable livestock management systems for better animal productivity and traceability.
  • Lack of low cost and dependable animal ID system to manage livestock data.
  • Lack of integrated tools that allow to keep the data, manage the animals and improve the economic performance.

That’s why we as Farm4Trade came up with an easy solution that can be adopted easily by all the farmers who wish to make more out of their registers.


Some examples of things you can do with Farm4Trade Suite


  • Animal registration, tracking, re-identification.
  • Get productivity benchmarks and identify best practices.
  • Improve health and productive performance.


Your data can become your strength

Both granular and aggregated data are a precious asset for farmers, and they are valuable to companies and stakeholder as well, since farm and livestock data would allow, for example, a complete evaluation of the farm for insurance, regulatory or otherwise important purposes that require the farm to be reliable and solid, both economically and from an entrepreneurial point of view.


You can contribute in setting higher standards for animal welfare

Pursuing a better balance in animal production, environment exploitation and business purposes starts from better animal welfare, obtained through advanced management systems and sustainable best practices. Besides, in a global market only trust and reliability of raw material suppliers allow every node of the supply chain to operate in full transparency and regulatory compliance. This goal will be achieved only by an integration of technological standards and respectful farming methods.


Farm4Trade Suite: Precision Livestock Farming Tools for the Next Generation of Farmers

Our integrated Suite of Apps helps farmers collect and manage data throughout the entire production process of the supply chain: from production to sales, and even transport.

By taking advantage of the latest management and data collection technologies we make the farmer’s job easier and simpler, while enhancing the quality and value of livestock production.


Improve Livestock Productivity with Farm4Trade Suite

Inside our Suite you will find tools to help you improve productivity and cost saving thanks to livestock management methods developed by expert farmers in Africa and Europe.


Farm Management – A complete app for Animal Management

Farm Management App offers a system to track every data coming from farms and single animals or animal groups and provides a dynamic picture of your business.


Business Intelligence - Control and Enhance Business Performance

Business Intelligence App is an integrated system for data analysis which gathers information from multiple data points from the other Farm4Trade’s apps. With Business Intelligence App you can monitor economic and productive trends, assess costs and improve business performance.


Feed Formula – Embrace Higher standards for Animal Nutrition

Feed Formula App is an advanced software focused on animal health. By improving animal nutrition each farmer can obtain the best balance in feeds formulas and feed cost, monitoring every step of the feeding process and its outcomes.


Snap Animal - The New Frontier of Animal Identification

Through our cutting-edge technology PhAID, Snap Animal will be soon added to the Suite. PhAID is developed with Artificial Intelligence and computer vision trained algorithms, and has the potential to become the new standard for all-species animal identification based on biometric recognition. It is important that all the farmers using our Suite add pictures of their animals to improve the identification algorithm and make this technology ready for everyone as soon as possible.


It’s time for action

Since you read this article to the end, we warmly encourage you to discover Farm4Trade Suite and start using the apps to improve your farming skills.

Try it now for free, you can manage up to 50 animals, one farm and invite one member of your staff to collaborate.

See you there!

Discover the Suite of Apps for Livestock Management
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Erika G