Examples of how Farm Management can help you in everyday tasks on the farm

Examples on how farm Management can help you in everyday tasks on the farm - Blog Farm4Trade|Examples on how farm Management can help you in everyday tasks on the farm - Blog Farm4Trade

Managing a livestock farm is a full-time job and every farmer has to take on many responsibilities that cannot be underestimated.


Everyone can encounter difficulties in having the right informations at the right moment, so why don't we start to collect them in a different way?

It is important to keep in mind that the final consumer, today, pays always more attention to food safety and animal well-being. So for a farmer it is necessary to enhance the quality of his products and to fulfill adequate quality standards for production.

Every Country or region have their own rule to follow regarding livestock farming, but the logistic of a farm is almost the same everywhere.


Farmers all over the world have the same problems, due the lack of data and information that could lead them to work in a more a profitable way.

How many of you have difficulties in finding out why your cattle is losing weight or is producing less milk? Was it the same the year before? Or why my hens are producing less eggs or the eggshell is thinner?


We can consider the use of technology to simplify this record keeping and monitoring job.

Today there are several system that conjugate together all these features. Farm4Trade provides the simplest and useful way to have all the farm data together with the Farm Management App.

It is possible to match all the data of a single animal to check what is going wrong, or right. The Farm Management App is for farms of all sizes, but we recommend it to small and medium breeders (up to 300 animals and 3 farms), to find out the best way to increase their farms’ performances.


So, Farm4Trade can help you increase your income, as we mentioned before.

Do you have a problem with milk production? Let's investigate the animal’s weight and the food he’s been fed with, to find out if there is something going wrong. The eggs are too thin? Maybe there is a lack of calcium, so we can organize what to do with a simple click.

For each single animal you can now have records about health, nutrition, productivity. And for each single activity or task you can and keep more detailed an updated information.


It is possible to add all the animals on your farm using an excel file or using the app directly.

And, it is possible to use the Farm Management App not only for animal health or nutrition purposes, but also to evaluate statistically if there are changes from the data of the year before to the ones of the current one, thanks to the coming soon integration with a new software for data analysis.

“I have a farm in the countryside, I always had free ranging animals, and they just ate what they found with some simple implementation. This year I decided to control more directly their diet and started to keep all these information registered on a notebook. How can I simplify my work next year to see if I did right?”

Consider the example farm above: all these data can be exported in order from the Farm Management App to have a daily/monthly/yearly check about how the farm is going. The farmer can verify if there were problems changing the hens' diet, and try to set up in order to have a more profitable year.

We talked about generic animals but we could take cows as an example. Are they producing less milk? What can be the cause?

Too many animals in the stable? Food shortages? Temperature too high? Some kind of disease? Let's keep all the information together.


Let's give to all the people that work with you, or to external consultants, the possibility to be updated about the progress of your farm so to have a prompt response if some problems may occur.

Even the Vets can have a simpler life, if they know what is going in one’s farm. They can also be added to your Farm Management account and may give you some tips on how to improve your activity.

Last but not least, one of major feature of Farm Management App is that it can be used even offline, so if there is no internet connection it is always possible to have all the data with you.



Due the shortage of good data record why do not consider the use of a Farm Management App? It’s better to start storing data now than to be sorry for losing money afterwards.

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