How to start farming cattle

How to start farming Cattle. In Countries where there is lots of land and lack of food, starting a cattle breeding business can be very profitable

Why to start farming cattle?

In Countries where there is lots of land and lack of food, starting a cattle breeding business can be a good way to enter a highly profitable market. It is important to invest in the production of high quality meat that is better for both local and international markets. Before start farming cattle:

Make sure you have:
  1. a big enough area where to keep the animals
  2. your favourite cattle breed
  3. fences
  4. feeding troughs
  5. farm equipment
  6. possibly a tractor

The first step is to decide the type of cattle you want to breed and the type of business you want to develop. In fact, before starting any activity, it is crucial to decide where you want to farm (the geomorphology and the climate of the area you choose will affect your success). After choosing the area, you would better purchase it or you may decide to rent. It is advisable to conduct some preliminary investigation on the type of soil and vegetation in that area, as well as everything else is needed to establish a profitable enterprise. Then, you need to buy all the equipment that is necessary for the type of farming you decided to go (i.e. intensive or extensive, milk or meat). The type and amount of equipment you need will vary depending on the number of animals you are planning to have. Choosing the breed is secondary to the decision you made for you enterprise:

  • If you want to produce milk, you need dairy cows
  • If you want to produce meat, you need a breed suited for this purpose and well adapted to the environment where it will be living
  • If you need to use animals for work, then you must choose working breeds that are often suitable as two or three purposes together (milk, meat and work)

Choose very carefully! Start farming cattle, depending on the breed, you will need different facilities, machinery and related equipment. We’ll provide soon some useful information on the most common breeds, but you can start with searching on the internet what breeds better suit your needs. In general, dairy cows with good genetics are more expensive than those that produce meat. So, if you have a limited budget, it is advisable to buy few high quality animals (with good genetics) and possibly start with beef cattle. Choose animals with a track record of high production performances, that look healthy and that can mate and give birth. An important tip, for a successful business, is to have clear in mind what you want to accomplish. So, stick to your plan and from there you can establish the steps to move forward and achieve your big goals. To farm cattle you need at least facilities with water, fences and feeders. Be sure to buy them before starting and bringing animals in. You must try to buy them at a reasonable price, perhaps by buying them at auctions or from other farmers that are disposing some old equipment. Buy only what you need in the immediate (as time goes on, and with the growth of your business, you’ll be able to buy the rest). Make sure you have fulfilled all the paper work with the competent authorities and issued all the permits and authorisations before starting your new business. Start farming cattle today and make updated by Farm4Trade blog.Discover the Suite of Apps for Livestock Management The most complete set of tools to improve productivity

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