Management skills to improve livestock farming productivity through animal wellness

Management skills to improve livestock farming productivity through animal wellness farm management application|Management skills to improve livestock farming productivity through animal wellness farm management application

Livestock farming is frequently considered hectic especially if one is dealing with a variety of animals in his/her farm.

Past are the days where farmers used to stroll around with a pen and a piece of paper to take data and information concerning the animals being reared.

A paper record keeping system is always a good place to start; it’s simple and low cost. However, there are disadvantages.

Papers can get lost, a spilled cup of coffee can have a disastrous effect, and you generally can’t utilize a paper record keeping system when you’re out working with your animals.

Today if one intends to run a livestock farming business, it is advisable to abandon the traditional manual method of operating a farm and invest in suitable modern software such as the online Farm4Trade Farm Management Application.

Various livestock farmers have currently incorporated this livestock managing software as their record keeping tool to keep up with current trends as well as to remain competitive.

An electronic record keeping system has the benefits of being hosted in the cloud for accessibility on your smartphone, and can be accessed by multiple farm managers if needed with its customizable options. This application reaps many benefits for your livestock operation efficiency and leads to improvements in your farm productivity.

What is Farm4trade Farm Management Application software?

Farm4Trade farm management app is a system that assists farmers to record and keep track of their livestock information from birth until death or sales. Farm management application captures all events of an animal as well as keeping track of most important dates in a lifetime of an animal.

This application is not limited to the management of cattle only, but it also incorporates other livestock such as goats and sheep, pigs, horses and donkeys among others.

With the farm management application, one can keep track of information of individual animals on the farm, costing and performance metrics as well as financial tracking of inputs (vaccination, medical treatment) and sales of the animals.

The Farm Management App ensures the unique identification of each animal, and keeps track of all their individual information related to genealogy, health status and productive situation.

This tool helps you to easily plan, monitor and analyze all the activities in your farm with just a few clicks.

Features of Farm4trade Farm Management Application

Farm4trade farm management application covers all essential aspects of livestock farming; from health and safety to real-time monitoring and management of individual cattle. The Farm4Trade Farm Management App is designed to help make your farm safer, more productive and more sustainable.

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Advantages of using Farm4Trade Farm Management Application to improve livestock farming productivity through animal wellness.

Farm4Trade farm management application is a cloud based application that makes it possible for farmers to work from any Android or IOS device or web browser. In fact, for those days when the internet connection is not playing nicely, you can even work offline on IOS and Android devices.

With farm management you can manage multiple farms or companies, along with multiple staff roles. An important component of this application is the calendar which allows you to view and plan all company activities and will update you in real time on upcoming task deadlines.

This application will also allow one to speed up the data entry process by using spreadsheet templates (already available in the app) and simply import into the web app in a few clicks and get a real-time overview of all your registered animal’s important information.

Small and commercial farmers worldwide are already using our application for keeping track of their animals and improving productivity.

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