Selling and buying livestock during COVID-19

Buying and selling livestock during COVID-19|Buying and selling livestock during COVID-19

The outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has caused shutdowns and slowed activities for all sectors. Measures are put in place to help reduce the outbreak.


These measures however have affected selling and buying livestock, making it almost impossible to trade.


This article looks at alternative ways of selling and buying livestock during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) and the virus has now spread to many countries and territories.

Besides the direct impact of COVID-19, ongoing social distancing means farmers may have to think about alternative ways to buy and sell their stock.

Commercial farmers normally sell livestock through auctions, where a large number of farmers/buyers observe and evaluate dozens of cattle at one time and choose specific lots to purchase.

However; this means you as the buyer need to go to the farm or ranch to buy cattle directly from a breeder, this increases vulnerability to COVID-19. With the cancellation of some sales and restrictions already in place, it is inevitable farmers may have to do things differently this year.


Few farmers at a time during Auctions

During Auctions, Professional Auctioneers carry out the process of promoting buying and selling of Livestock and Game animals. They provide well established infrastructure and a wide network of branches across the country, to ensure flexible and personalized auctioneering options. Auctioneers basically bring supply and demand together, in the most profitable manner for both sellers and buyers. During COVID-19, auctioneers will carry on with strict precautionary measures.
Precautionary measures at the event are such as:


  • limited number of farmers at a time,
  • hand washing, wearing a face mask,
  • keeping a registry book (including cell phone number, home address, temperature readings and occupation) of those attending,
  • maintaining a distance from each other.


Social Network for buying and selling livestock

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram and websites allow individuals to view and share a connection. Social networking websites provide users with instant messaging and calls services. Through them sharing information is easy, by posting it online and spreading it to the people who don't have access to newspapers or television.

They are easily accessible as they only need a device with an internet connection, however; mobile phones with an internet connection are key sources to access the websites.

During COVID-19, this approach may be the most approachable method to avoid physical contact between buyers and sellers. The use of Social Networks allows them to have direct contact through the exchange of relevant information.


Farm4Trade Marketplace App

Farm4Trade is developing a Marketplace App that widens commercial network and allows farmers to scoop the best opportunities of livestock in their surroundings.

The application allows anybody to search or advertise animals for sale. It provides a fast and user-friendly tool for farmers to find what they need anywhere and anytime.

The App broadens market opportunities for buyers and sellers by connecting them through the internet. It allows them to trade independently without meeting in person, this App is ideal during this COVID-19 pandemic.


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